In this project, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) of 90 Meter resolution digital elevation model, and ALOS/PALSAR images were used in this task. STRM were used to delineate near-surface Paleo-channels visually based on the contrast between bright and dark tone and automatically using the hydrology toolbox in ArcGIS software. Using the fill function to fill sinks in a surface raster to remove small imperfections in the data, flow direction is used also to determine the direction in which water would flow out of each cell and flow accumulation tool is used to calculate the number of up-slope cells flowing to a location.

Figure: Paleo channel Extraction for Sarooq Al hadid Area


Team Member:

  • Eng. Mina Talal Ahmed
  • Dr. Marwa Chendeb Elrai
Remote sensing applications for delineating Paleo-channels close to archaeological sites