MBRSC Lab is a research and development (R&D) hub sponsored by Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center and financed by the ICT Fund. It is located in the IT and Engineering Department at the University of Dubai. The lab is established in June 2018 with the aim of finding solutions to the outstanding problems in Geoscience and Remote Sensing using the cutting edge technology in the fields of computer vision, image processing and geographical information systems. It is dedicated to conduct research to solve problems in diverse areas including multi-sensor data fusion, image analysis, super resolution, image enhancement, image segmentation and classification, features/object extraction, pattern recognition, etc. 

MBRSC Lab consists of multiprocessor computer workstations, storage and backup servers connected to a high speed network with wireless capabilities. The supporting softwares such as MATLAB, Python, ENVI, ArcGIS and uninterruptible power supplies complete the infrastructure.                     

The ultimate goal of MBRSC Lab is to enrich Geoscience and Remote Sensing field in the UAE by integrating the governmental entities, the national industry and the academic sector in the production of highly constructive unified researches that serve the demands of the UAE development plans. Moreover, it pursues to establish productive collaboration with the highly reputed international labs and research centers for knowledge sharing. The lab hosts senior design project students from various universities in the UAE to train them on the fundamentals of image and signal processing and to get their hands on the image processing software.

The lab has highly qualified research staff including industrial specialists, academic scholars, research assistants and software engineers. More information on this research group can be found on this link.

Our Vision

To explore, innovate and develop smart GeoScience and Remote Sensing tools and applications.

Our Mission

To convert scientific theories into real time applications to improve the quality of human life.