Spatiotemporal Analysis and Agent – Based Model for COVID-19 Dynamic Spread, Dubai UAE


Coronavirus (COVID-19) consider as worldwide major health problem. According to UAE Ministry of health, COVID-19 can cause respiratory infections ranging from common cold to more severe diseases that may lead to death. The vast spreading of COVID-19 is associated with the interactions among humans (as hosts) within the same environment. The main objective of the study is to use Geographic Information System (GIS) and agent-based model (ABM) to simulate the dynamic spatial temporal spread of COVID-19, based on the interactions between people (agents) at the same settings.  In this research, it is assumed that COVID-19 transmission depends on the availability of public transportation network, open facilities, and the population density.  The first two factors considered as variable and can be changed within the model during the simulation process. The resulted map of critical areas, and ABM of COVID-19 spreading can be used as a tool to develop mitigation plans for the COVID-19 spreading as well as the allocation of needed health facilities within the vulnerable areas.